Events Management

As you plan your event, you will need an audiovisual & event production company to help you handle everything from staging, sound, lighting and more. Endless Entertainment is there to be your technical scientist and hand all of your production needs. With our massive equipment and team of specialists, we can take care of it all.

Our team will not only create a unique experience for you but will also get involved in the entire process, from concept creation to execution. Seamless Uganda has served clients such as Airtel Uganda, Blu Flamingo and Fireworks Advertising. Our event profile includes the annual Social Media Awards and Vodafone Power Talks. Our events always stand out.

At Seamless, we understand that planning an event can be extremely stressful, confusing, and unpredictable because we have been event planners too. We promise where things might be stressful, we will make it easy. Where things are confusing, we will make it so you can trust us. Where things are unpredictable, we will provide you work of quality. We want to bring it all together for you, just like creating an equation to provide you the perfect solution.

International Food Ploicy Research Institute
International Food Ploicy Research Institute
International Food Ploicy Research Institute

Seamless Uganda has handled logistically and financially challenging projects and are recognized as being the regions leaders in production service.

One of the strengths of Seamless Uganda is a strong international network. This allows the production house to work with freelance filmmakers from all over the world to replenish the local team if the job requires. It also subscribes to the exchange of skills and knowledge between East African and international filmmakers. New people are coming frequently on board as permanent staff or freelancers bringing in more creativity and ideas.

Another big strength of Seamless is that we cover more than just Uganda. Our East African team speaks numerous indigenous languages that allow us to additionally produce films in neighboring countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo, Sudan and Rwanda.

Seamless Uganda output of quality products is only made possible by having a great team of creative professionals with the ability to undertake multiple tasks. This is because at its inception, we engaged the services of experienced filmmakers and creative crew that is hardworking, devoted and extremely motivated. The result has been a history of quality products, great teamwork and professionalism.

Our team is your partner from concept and script development to all aspects of the film- and post- production until the final film is available on DVD, DV, HD or internet files.

We can set up remote production facilities quickly with efficient IT and communication details. Our world class production value allows filming of international feature films that could not be made within the same budgetary constraints at home. Our crew are flexible and very experienced and can handle projects of all sizes. We have established a close relationship with our suppliers who offer us the best services and prices based on our prime position in the industry

Seamless Crew

Our Crew understands how different productions work, are flexible and can handle projects of all sizes. We have vast experience in features, television, commercials, documentaries, music videos, wildlife are available within any budgetary requirements. Locally we can provide crews ranging from director, producer, dop, loader, focus puller, gaffer, grip, spark, chaperone, location scout, unit manager and many more support crew who have experience on all formats including 35 mm, 16mm, video, and HD (High Definition).


With our In house casting team we always provide authentic cast to fit any brief.


We’ve partnered with local and international equipment rental houses with up to date latest technologies from digital to high definition broadcast slutions. However, if you would like to bring in your own equipment, we are able to facilitate speedy temporary importation.