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As a full service experiential agency, we combine a cutting edge creative strategy with outstanding consumer insight to deliver real results to our clients. Our team is fully involved in every step of the campaign. We have created and activated effective in-store and out-door product demonstration campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Uganda.


We tap into our creative genius to help brands launch new products and re-launch existing ones. We collaboratively work with clients to develop memorable brand experiences embracing experimentation, curiosity, and new ideas. Under tight deadlines and budgets, we’ve helped Airtel Uganda launch products all over the country with effective memorable campaigns.


Our focus is always on the client’s business needs. Our team is dedicated and creative, two core elements needed to build an effective production team. Our diverse range of clients regularly return to us for productions such as TVCs and documentaries. We’ve served brands such as Vodafone Uganda, Sputnik Media, T+W moving pictures, GIZ, World Bank Group and Snark Media among others.

Human Resource Management

We specialize in simplifying your life. How? By delivering comprehensive, worry-free human resource management solutions with a personal touch, allowing you to focus on the things you do best.

Clients approach us for a reliable workforce to run contract based projects. Our team is creative and reliable, and will execute every project as required. We currently manage a team of over 500 sales agents working for different brands all over the country. We also provide ushers for corporate events.

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